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The NEXTY Awards recognize the most progressive, innovative, inspiring and trustworthy products in the natural products industry. When nominating your product be prepared to answer the below questions, keeping in mind the 3 I's: Innovation, Integrity and Inspiration.



The product or company shows truly creative thinking and execution (not a "me too" approach): uses a newly discovered or rediscovered ingredient, flavor profile, technique or process; fills a legitimate (though perhaps not recognized) natural products market need or niche; and/or is predicted to have longer-term impact in the industry.



The product or company adheres to an unusual or new mission targeting an issue or problem not yet widely addressed; its message/mission is clearly communicated, focused and effective, with real, wide-reaching potential or already proven positive social or environmental impact.




The product or company takes a creative, next-gen approach to clean ingredient(s), sustainability, transparency, traceability and safety/security.


Questions you'll be asked in the nomination forms:

We suggest you craft your answers to the following questions BEFORE starting this nomination form, as these questions can take time to answer, causing your application to time-out (a time-out occurs after 30 minutes of inactivity on your browser window). 

Brand Information: Contact name, title, phone number, email address (used for all NEXTY Awards communication), company name (as it appears on the exhibitor list) and booth number for Expo East or Expo West.

Product Information: product name, suggested retail price, product launch date, where and how it'll be distributed, any certifications (organic or non-GMO) and a one-sentence description of the product.

Innovation: Describe how this product is new (not a "me too" approach), needed and creative (100 words or less).

Inspiration: Describe how this product is mission-focused, addresses an issue or has a positive social or environmental impact (100 words or less).

Integrity: Describe how this product encompasses superior and clean ingredients and qualities, such as taste, texture, trace-ability or efficacy. Describe how your company demonstrates sustainability, transparency, trust and good values, such as organic or fair-trade certification, or community development programs (100 words or less).