The same product may be nominated in more than one category, but will require a separate nomination form for each category.

NEXTY Awards Categories

  1. Best New Organic Food
  2. Best New Organic Beverage
  3. Best New Ready-to-Drink Beverage
  4. Best New Tea or Coffee
  5. Best New Pantry Food (staple foods, center aisle foods)
  6. Best New Frozen Product (not sweet)
  7. Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product (animal-based food/beverage)
  8. Best New Meat Alternative or Dairy Alternative (plant-based food/beverage)
  9. Best New Sweet Snack
  10. Best New Savory or Salty Snack
  11. Best New Special Diet Food (gluten free, vegan, paleo, etc)
  12. Best New Condiment
  13. Best New Sweet or Dessert (frozen or non-frozen)
  14. Best New Personal Care or Beauty Product
  15. Best New Supplement
  16. Best New Sports Nutrition or Active Lifestyle Product
  17. Best New Condition-Specific Supplement
  18. Best New Hemp/CBD Product (these products contain cannabinoid, hemp extracts and/or hemp oils. Read our CBD Standards here.)
  19. Best New Product Supporting a Healthy Microbiome (the application or intake of these products improves the health of the human microbiome. Product can fall under food, beverage, supplement, personal care, home or other)
  20. Best New Natural Living Product (includes natural products for the home or pets)
  21. Best New Natural Kid's Product (food, beverage, supplement or personal care product made for kids)
  22. Best New Mission-Based Product (these products encourage healthy living and industry growth through initiatives that support regeneration, farmers, employees, environment, organizations and/or communities in need.)
  23. Best New Environmentally Responsible Packaging (the packaging is made of bio-based, recylable or compostable material and reduces the overall environmental impact of the product packaging.)

NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards Categories

  1. Best New Food or Beverage
  2. Best New Natural Living or Personal Care Product
  3. Best New Supplement

*To be eligible for a NEXTY Consumer Choice Award, you must participate in the Product Discovery at Home program.