2015 Winners

Natural Products Expo West 2015 NEXTY Winners

Best New Food & Beverage: Back to the Roots Cereal
Best New Food & Beverage: Community Seafood Frozen Artisanal Fish
Best New Food & Beverage: Fishpeople Packaged Gourmet Seafood Meals
Best New Food & Beverage: Kaslo Sourdough Fermented Sourdough Pastas
Best New Food & Beverage:Safe Catch Pure Tuna, No mercury, fillers or additives
Best New Beauty & Natural Living: EarthKind Essential Oils & Plant Fiber Pesticides
Best New Natural Living: EO (Further Products) Natural Anti-Aging Lotions
Best New Natural Living: Scotch Naturals Nature Based Nail Lacquers
Best New Supplements & Ingredients: Neocell Collagen Chews & Drink Mixes
Best New Supplements & Ingredients: Source Naturals Vegan Supplements
Best New Supplements & Ingredients: Trace Minerals Research Pre & post workout recovery

Natural Products Expo East 2015 NEXTY Winners

Best New Food & Beverage: The Jackfruit Co. Hi-Fiber, Lo-Calorie, Vegan and Non-GMO Replacement for Meat
Best New Food & Beverage: Mama Chia Green Drinks
Best New Food & Beverage: REBBL Tonics Tonic & Elixirs
Best New Beauty & Natural Living: Aunt Fannie's Fly Punch natural safe & effective solution to fruit flies
Best New Beauty & Natural Living: HiQ Natural Skin Care
Best New Beauty & Natural Living: MiiR Water bottles
Best New Supplements & Ingredients: Nature’s Plus Glossary explaining certificates on label
Best New Supplements & Ingredients: NoorVitamins Supplements made in accordance with Muslim dietary principles