2021 Winners

Expo West Virtual 2021 NEXTY Winners

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Wildbrine, WildCreamery Sour Cream Alternative

Not an impeccable mimic of dairy-based sour cream, but an impeccably good alternative—and apparently (judging by the judges) a tasty dip by itself—this plant-based sour cream hit on many levels of innovation, integrity and inspiration. Part of the secret might be the use of customized cultures coming out of sister company Wildbrine, providing home-grown fermentation in place of lab-generated cultures. The list of organic kitchen-familiar ingredients and lack of starches or gums probably helps, too.

Winged, Chilled Out

Winged is a high-flying of- by- and for-women company aimed at empowering women through the talisman of CBD. Women are twice as likely as men to experience anxiety, depression and insomnia, so the company launched Chilled Out. It would be a fantastic supplement without CBD—powered by a slew of ingredients to soothe a tattered psyche. Magnesium plays a central role in allowing tense muscles to relax, yet many women are deficient in this master mineral. Organic ashwagandha reduces the stress hormone cortisol. 5-HTP, as any raver can tell you, brings serotonin back up to par. GABA puts the brakes on the brain. L-theanine encourages mental relaxation without drowsiness. Passionflower, lemon balm and chaste tree berry have been used traditionally by women for anxiety and hormonal balance. What a formulation—and that’s before the CBD. Winged also works with four organizations that help lift disadvantaged women.

Bhoomi, Ginger Recovery+ Cane Water Elixir

Bhoomi (“Mother Earth” in Sanskrit) is the first certified low-glycemic cane water company in the U.S. making Ayurveda inspired super-botanical elixirs. Partnering with minority sugarcane farmers in Louisiana, Bhoomi works to address equitable economies, focus on regenerative practices and compost its sugarcane waste. Through a packaging study with the Climate Collaborative, Bhoomi identified the substantial impact of moving away from a fossil fuel-based plastic. This inspired the brand’s commitment to launch a new, recyclable, 100% sugarcane-based biopolymer bottle.

Applegate, Well Carved Organic Grass-Fed Beef Burgers

Applegate ups the blended burger ante beyond mushrooms with this blend of humanely raised meat and vegetables, legumes and grains. This better-for-you burger includes 1/3 cup of veggies. Applegate has long led the way in improving animal welfare standards and cleaning up processed meat ingredient panels. The company commissioned a third-party environmental impact analysis to compare this line to traditional beef patties. It found that the plant-blended burger creates 51% fewer greenhouse-gas emissions, uses 67% less water and generates 99% percent less water pollution from run-off.

Gaia Herbs, Hemp and Herbs Calm

Leave it to Gaia to develop a thoughtfully curated formulation that would stand on its own as a traceable, transparent, high-quality botanical blend—in this case, using holy basil, passionflower, American skullcap, milky oats and magnolia to bring about a sense of tranquility. The company then supercharges the formulation with organic hemp at 20 mg CBD per serving. As part of its mission, Gaia Herbs donates 5% of profits from its hemp product sales to programs that support and empower small U.S. family farms. Through Gaia Herbs’ industry-leading Meet Your Herbs traceability program, customers can enter the ID number located on the back of any Gaia Herbs product to learn where each ingredient came from, how the herbs were grown, harvested and extracted, and the tests the product underwent to validate its purity, integrity and potency. Gaia Herbs is also a certified B Corp—using business as a force for good.

The Jackfruit Company, Jack & Annie's Savory Breakfast Jack Sausage Patties

Overprocessing can be a challenge when trying to make plant-based alternatives for sausage. These sausage patties from Jack and Annie's utilize jackfruit as a plant-forward, minimally processed option for making savory breakfast sandwiches. Jackfruit, a whole food that satisfies like meat, is the first ingredient in these patties. A sustainable, regenerative crop, the company supports 1,000 farming families with 10-40% of their income by buying jackfruit directly from them, and community support programs provide tools and cooking vessels to the farmers.

Consider Pastures, Pasture-Raised Eggs

Consider Pastures is a new egg line of Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs. Consider Pastures wants the marketplace to consider the role egg farms with small flocks and multilivestock farms can play in regenerative agriculture. To do this, the brand is engaging in three partnerships: American Farmland Trust through a 5-year, $250,000 commitment; Understanding Ag to improve techniques and soil testing methods to measure impact; and The Savory Institute’s Land to Market program to pioneer an egg-laying standard. The eggs are also Certified Humane, pasture raised and B Corp certified in addition to all the regenerative benefits.

Pastificio Boulder, Organic Heritage Grains Casarecce Craft Pasta

Pastificio Boulder is at the forefront of the grain revival—a surge of farmers, educators, millers, manufacturers and let’s not forget the consumer—intent on transforming commodity grain chains into community grain networks. Pastificio does it all by sourcing organic heritage and ancient wheats and grains from biodynamically and regeneratively committed farms; milling and manufacturing grains into pasta; and educating communities near and far on the benefits of community over commodity.

Green Sprouts, Sprout Ware Sip & Straw Cup

This is a transitional sippy cup made from plant-plastic and silicone to help avoid harmful chemicals. We appreciated this product and Green Sprouts’ commitment to using safer materials and minimizing environmental impact. The Sprout Ware Sip and Straw Cup is made from innovative and nontoxic plant plastic, offering a safer alternative to petroleum plastics in children’s drinkware by utilizing a renewable resource that does not contain hormone-disrupting BPA, BPS, BPF, BFDGE, NOGE or BADGE additives. 

Compostic, Cling Wrap

Compostic Cling Wrap is the first home-compostable alternative to traditional plastic wrap. The product stood out for its innovation—with every aspect of the product being considered to ensure it is truly zero-waste. Made from a compound of biopolymers designed to mimic traditional plastics in functionality, the cling wrap will break down in a composting environment in under 24 weeks (less time than an orange peel!). The cling wrap is perforated, eliminating the need for plastic or metal cutters, and the box with soy-based printing ink is both recyclable and compostable.

Soda Press Co., Organic Kombucha Concentrate

Made by a New Zealand-based company, these certified organic kombucha concentrates were more than a year in the making. The kombucha syrup is hand-crafted over the course of a month and a half, yielding a shelf-stable elixir that boasts less than 1 gram of sugar per serving and 1 billion live probiotics. The judges loved that, in addition to bringing consumers a delicious kombucha concentrate that can be used with a SodaStream or added to a fizzy water or other drink of choice, one bottle of Soda Press eliminates up to 10 single-use bottles, is 100% recyclable and gives consumers a more cost-conscious way to enjoy kombucha at home. The brand also partners with CarbonCloud, a climate tool used to show the transparency of its overall carbon footprint.

12 Tides, Organic Puffed Kelp Chips

Simple ingredients plus great flavor plus crunch made these a favorite of our judges. And they don’t just have kelp somewhere in the ingredients list, these puffed chips start with regeneratively farmed, organic kelp and follow it with just eight other recognizable ingredients. B-Corp-certified 12 Tides also donates, as a 1% for the planet member, to a nonprofit aimed at restoring California’s native kelp forests. But mostly, they’re just good chips—an innovative addition with an important ingredient.

Yolélé Foods, Fonio Pilafs

Fonio pilaf is exactly what it sounds like: a pilaf made of … fonio? Yes, fonio, a climate-friendly and climate-resilient grain from West Africa. The product tastes great (we tried the Afro-funk, flavored with pungent African locust bean, a.k.a. dawadawa, while other varieties feature other nutritious African crops, baobab and moringa). There’s much to like here, from helping West African silvo-agro-pastoral farmers find a market for this organic, irrigation-free crop, to the tasty gluten-free, cooks-in-five-minutes serving on the plate. When we look at the three I’s of the NEXTYs, Yolélé lands squarely in the all-of-the-above fourth I: Impact.

Lia Diagnostics, The Lia Pregnancy Test

The Lia Pregnancy Test is taking a category that has seen roughly zero innovation for decades and is turning it on its head. This product is the first and currently only FDA-approved flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test on the market. Lia’s innovation will help cut down on the 2 million pounds of plastic waste per year in the U.S. alone that results from conventional pregnancy test use. Plus, it boasts a 99% accuracy rate.

Enviromedica, Terraflora Deep Immune

Broad spectrum support for the microbiome is what's needed. Research supports the importance of maintaining the gut microbiome and that doing so is complex. Inspired by the science, Terraflora Deep Immune reflects this complexity. With a specific focus on the interplay between the gut microbiome and immune system function, Enviromedica has created an innovative product formulated with LC-Plasma, a unique paraprobiotic shown to activate the body’s pDCs, known as the "commander-in-chief" of the immune system. Designed to mimic the gut biodiversity reflected in ancestral diets and incorporating soil-based microorganisms, this multi-pronged approach honors the integrity of the interconnectedness of the ecosystems of this earth and the ecosystems of the human body. To your inner health!

Rishi Tea, Sparkling Botanicals

Sparkling beverages can be a challenge for product developers looking for a flavor that can dance across the tongue and hint at sweetness without overwhelming the palate. Rishi has managed to hit that right balance with intriguing flavors like dandelion ginger and turmeric saffron. In a crowded sparkling water market that has us questioning if we’ve hit “peak fizz,” Rishi stands out as a drink that hits all the notes just right, including the company’s long-established commitments to responsible sourcing, production and employment practices.

Moonshot Snacks, Climate Friendly Crackers

Moonshot is bold about its dedication to fighting climate change by calling its line of crackers climate-friendly. This young brand is BIPOC female-founded and is a steward for sourcing nourishing food for the environment and humans alike. Currently, USDA Organic certified and sourcing from farms using regenerative agriculture to sequester carbon, reducing carbon where possible and offsetting the rest, this brand is on a path to become carbon neutral while tracking its progress. Founder Julia Collins also brings a climate justice lens to the space and raises awareness that BIPOC communities bear the brunt of environmental and climate change impacts.

Global Village Foods, African-inspired Frozen Meals

Damaris and Mel Hall began serving up the rich flavors of Damaris’ native Kenya in farmers markets, food festivals and a restaurant in Vermont. As parents to a child with severe food allergies, they later created this brand of allergy friendly, frozen, African-inspired dishes to provide other families with healthy and flavorful meal options such as this flavorful Ethiopian Vegan Lentil Combo—one of five dishes in a line that also includes Swahili Inspired Curry Chicken, Moroccan Inspired Lemon Chicken and Olives, Chickpea Vegetable Tajine and African No-Nut Vegan Stew.

Kos, Organic Plant Protein Blueberry Muffin Powder

Protein powders, once relegated to the weight room, have become ubiquitous across channels and demographics, but for consumers who are looking for something beyond the protein grams count, there is always something new. Kos brings in blue spirulina, adaptogens and immunity ingredients like elderberry to produce what the brand describes as an “all-in-one” protein shake. Of course, “organic” is also something that stands out on that now-ubiquitous wall of protein tubs. 

Wiley's Finest, CatchFree Omega Full Spectrum Omega-3 Liquid 

Wiley’s is famous for catching its fish in Alaska and processing in Ohio. But in diversifying its set, it launched this inspired omega-3 for vegans. It does it using a combination of ingredients. The most notable is ahiflower—better than flax and with no fishy burps. It provides 160 mg alpha-linolenic acid, 60 mg stearidonic acid and 10 mg gamma-linolenic acid. An algal oil provides 500 mg DHA. A solid 1,000 IU vitamin D comes from lichen. Wiley’s packaging is always 100% recyclable materials. It is certified by NSF as vegan and non-GMO. Overall, it is a nice option for vegans looking to gain some of the omega-3s that typically come from fish sources.

Forager Project, Organic Cashewmilk Ice Cream

Forager Project’s Cashewmilk Ice Cream is a delicious plant-based and dairy-free dessert. Dairy-like in its creaminess, texture and taste yet still free of lactose, dairy, soy and gluten, the bonus is that this ice cream is also certified organic, made with cashews from ethically sourced farming collectives. None of this should come as a surprise as the company’s mission is “to make delicious, organic, plant-based foods that benefit the planet and people,” yet organic plant-based offerings in this category can still be hard to come by. With flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chip and Salted Caramel, the brand aims to serve up a clean, sustainable solution to an American classic.

Real Treat, Organic Pantry Cookies

The maker of these indulgent cookies made with high-quality ingredients doesn’t pretend to offer health benefits nor hide behind its goal: bringing organic to specialty, gourmet foods. The organic advocate put it this way: “It occurred to me that we may just be able to convince more people to choose organic if we could make organic products that were not ‘delicious for organic/natural’ but genuinely crave-worthy, delicious food. NEXTY judges say: mission accomplished.

Numi Organic Tea, Stay Healthy Teas

These new teas from Numi put wellness at the fore thanks to their potent blends of herbs, roots, spices and flowers—all carefully chosen and meticulously crafted into this line of seven health-supporting, immunity-boosting teas. Whether the goal is to relieve stress or congestion, support immunity, detox or sooth a scratchy throat, these Stay Well teas have got consumers covered by bringing together ethically sourced, certified organic, botanical ingredients including valerian, echinacea, elderberry, dandelion root, kanna leaf, burdock root and more. What’s more, all of the teas come packaged in Numi’s plant-based compostable tea wrappers and uphold this company’s commitment to sustainability, traceability and a mission to help people and planet. 

Medterra CBD, Pain Cream

“Love this pain cream. It relieved my pain pretty quick. I would recommend it to family and friends. Best thing that’s worked for my nerve disorder in 9 years.”

Bakery on Main, Bakeshop Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

“My addiction to these little clusters is one for which I am extremely unapologetic. The snack-bite size, the pleasant dark chocolate taste, and the sea salt that tops them are all individually satisfying to me; combined they are heaven. Officially my go to snack.”

Expo East 2021 NEXTY Winners

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Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen, Filipino Adobo Sauce and Marinade

"Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen founder Jake Deleon brings a versatile sauce from his family’s cookbook to the condiment aisle with this Filipino Adobo Sauce & Marinade. This Filipino staple is tangy, savory, and salty all at once, and Fila Manila’s take on this iconic sauce is both a great entry point to the cuisine and an attractive new option for aficionados with its clean, minimal ingredient list and use of tamari over wheat-based soy sauce. These modest updates to typical conventional versions cut no corners with authenticity; the sauce gets some of its zip from coconut vinegar, yum! As though that wasn’t enough to be excited about, the brand also regularly partners with AAPI non-profits including Project Barkada most recently; the effort provided 300 free meals to frontline workers and families in need living in underserved communities."

Country Life Vitamins LLC, Menopause Rescue

"The menopausal “power surges” are no fun for any woman of a certain age. The active ingredient here, EstroG-100, does everything right. It’s the rare ingredient with an NDI approval from the FDA, vouchsafing safety. Comprised of three botanicals, it is also registered as safe food materials in the Korean FDA and received EU Novel Foods status. In a four-month human clinical on American women, EstroG-100 significantly improved 10 of the 12 primary menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, low energy, nervousness, sleeplessness and vaginal dryness. This is three times better than other natural, botanical-based products clinically tested using the same Kupperman model. A follow-up, three-month study by different researchers came to the same conclusion—10 of 12 symptoms significantly improved."

Carrington Farms/Simply Tera's, Organic Whey Bourbon Vanilla Protein Powder

"Carrington Farms has partnered with Simply Tera's to provide a much-needed advancement in the ubiquitous protein powder tub. This 100% recyclable tub is a good step we haven't yet seen for such a commonly purchased packaging format. It's made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, including the canister, cap and scoop—made from recycled curbside-collected DHPE2 plastic food containers—and even the label and inner seal are made from recycled materials. Once empty, the entire container can be recycled at home. With a mission to be 100% carbon neutral by 2024, Carrington Farms is essentially buying back its own plastic, creating a zero-waste stream for this Simply Tera's tub. Kudos!"

The Very Good Butchers, MMM...Planet-Based Meatballs

"A prime cut of plant-based goodness, these innovative plant-based meatballs pack an extra meaty taste and texture, while using simple, premium and wholesome ingredients—truly. Innovatively thinking outside the patty, The Very Good Butchers believe in butchering beans, not animals, creating delicious and nutritious plant-based meats that provide the same familiar flavors that would please discerning meat eaters, without any of the meat! Built with integrity through and through, MMM…Plant-Based Meatballs are gluten-free and soy-free and meet the needs of customers focused on the impacts of what they eat on the environment. These plant-based meatballs deserve to be nestled into the center of your spaghetti bowl."

Head & Heal, Certified Organic Focus CBG Oil

"Mission-driven companies are what defines the natural products industry—and nowhere is that so passionately lived as in the hemp trade. This is an unassailable truth. So it’s no surprise that Head & Heal starts with hemp that is USDA organic using regenerative, soil-building practices since the founding of its farm more than a decade ago. The New York state company grew two new varieties of CBG-rich plants in 2020 and extracted the hemp in its cGMP facility in Cortland, Upstate New York. CBG works to fight inflammation, pain and nausea. People who take CBG claim a sense of alertness or focus."

Misha's, French Connection Non-Dairy Cheese Spread

"Misha's elevates the plant-based food game with its super clean and delicious dairy-free French Connection Cheese. Made with traditional methods and without vegetable oils, soy, fillers, starchers or nutritional yeast, this cheese provides a delicious option for vegans, the lactose free and those adhering to a keto or paleo diet. Creamy without any cream, Misha's French Connection Cheese is made from a cashew and almond milk base and features herbs de provence, grains of paradise and black olives. The stunning packaging is sure to standout on shelf and the company's B Corporation certification will appeal to discerning shoppers."

Farmer Focus, Toasted Lager Organic and Free-Range Half Chicken

"With this product, Farmer Focus offers up an easy-to-prepare, delightfully tasty, healthy chicken dish to meet the increased demand of home cooks seeking unique, elevated, clean and efficient ways to get dinner on the table. This pre-seasoned organic chicken dish saves time, while still delivering on Farmer Focus’s core brand values of organic, traceable and humane. Farmer Focus was founded by a sixth-generation chicken farmer and is the only 100% organic and humane-certified chicken company with a mission to protect, promote and empower generational family farms. Not only is this chicken’s flavor memorable, but every package of Farmer Focus chicken is 100% transparent and traceable to the farm where it was raised. This product is USDA Certified Organic, Certified Humane, Halal and gluten free."

Alexandre Family Farm, Eco dairy 100% Grass-fed A2/A2 Organic Milk

"Not only is this the only Certified Regenerative dairy (by the Savory Institute and the Regenerative Organic Alliance), it is also the only milk that uses seasonal milkfat. Each carton of this 100% grass-fed A2, USDA Organic milk has a QR code that consumers can scan to see the milkfat percentage for that carton’s Best By date. The brand farms 4,300 acres, with its regenerative farming practices producing tangible benefits for soil biomass and the restoration of ecosystems and habitats for various animal species. Its practices also include intensive rotational grazing, waste upcycling and supporting the local community around this Northern California family farm."

White Leaf Provisions, Regeneratively Farmed Biodynamic Organic Peach and Oat Baby Food

"Only fruits and vegetables grown using biodynamic farming techniques go into these unsweetened baby food pouches, which exemplify the company’s commitment to regenerative farming and making foods that are produced in harmony with the planet. This product is the first to use regeneratively farmed, biodynamic organic oats in this new peach and oat baby food blend. The oats are a not-often seen ingredient in baby food blends and add an extra level of nutrition to help satiate young palettes. White Leaf Provisions product showcase a level of farming that considers both the quality and cleanliness of the ingredients, as well as the social accountability of the farming to grow them, to be equal. All of the fruit used in the pouches is seasonally grown and handpicked from 30-plus-year-old orchards. In addition to USDA Organic certification, the products are Certified Biodynamic by Demeter and GMO free. White Leaf Provisions’ entire baby food line is the first shelf-stable baby food in the U.S. to be certified Glyphosate residue-free and product is tested regularly for toxic metals. The company uses the minimum amount of packaging necessary and offers parents a free mail-in recycling option for all packaging."

Ritual Beverage Company, Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative

"In a world where alternative meat and alternative milk are gaining traction in the mainstream, alternative alcohol can’t be far behind. At the forefront of that burgeoning movement is Ritual, which boasts a line of zero-proof alcohols that are scarily akin to the real thing. The packaging aspect here is impressive: Its bottles are made of 60% recycled material and the caps are made entirely of sugarcane. Notably, this rum alternative may just be more complex flavor-wise and pleasant to drink than actual rum. Conscious consumption for the win!"

Harmless Harvest, Chocolate Coconut Smoothie

"Hydration. MCTs. No added sugar. Clean ingredient deck. This on-trend USDA Organic, Fair for Life beverage blends tried-and-true coconut water with the meat of the seed into a decadent smoothie. And, as has become standard of the inspiring Harmless Harvest, the beverage maker continues to up the ante as it strives for zero waste responsible agriculture. Last year, the company partnered to launch the Regenerative Coconuts Agriculture Project to create and advance a regenerative coconut growth model that also focuses on the growers in Thailand."

Farmer Focus, Rich Red Curry Organic and Free-Range Chicken Thighs

"With this product, Farmer Focus offers up an easy-to-serve, delightfully tasty healthy chicken dish. A sweet and savory mix of red pepper, ginger and garam masala on bone-in-thigh chicken, this dish provides a global, culinary experience from the comfort of home, while meeting the increased demand of home cooks seeking unique, elevated, clean and efficient ways to get dinner on the table. This pre-seasoned organic chicken dish saves time, while still delivering on Farmer Focus’s core brand values of organic, traceable and humane. Farmer Focus was founded by a sixth-generation chicken farmer and is the only 100% organic and humane-certified chicken company with a mission to protect, promote and empower generational family farms. Not only is this chicken’s flavor memorable, but every package of Farmer Focus chicken is 100% transparent and traceable to the farm where it was raised. This product is USDA Certified Organic, Certified Humane, Halal and gluten free."

Yishi (by Crave), Taro Bubble Tea Organic and Gluten-Free Oatmeal

"Packing functional ingredients and Asian-inspired flavors into oatmeal is what Yishi is all about. In this case, it’s a mouthful of words that might have some scratching their heads, but it’s also a mouthful of rich and unique flavors. Here, certified organic, high-fiber, gluten-free oatmeal is boosted with taro and coconut milk for a rich flavor and mouthfeel reminiscent of bubble tea. No actual bobas here, but there is black tea, a hint of sweet from erythritol and stevia and some protein and texture provided by hemp, flax, chia seeds and almond flour. Introduced in the cup format, the new pouch brings it to the whole family at once."

Spinster Sisters Co., Rosemary Mint Conditioner Bar

"Committing to reducing packaging waste in one’s beauty routine is no small feat. However, shampoo and conditioner are two things consumers can toss out right away thanks to products like this plastic-free conditioner bar from Spinster Sisters. It conditions hair with ingredients including shea butter and argan oil, with a touch of hydrolyzed oats, rosemary and mint. The company is currently in the verification stage for B Corp certification, and it’s also planning on becoming Climate Neutral certified in 2022. A totally clean, great-smelling way to keep plastic bottles out of landfills."

For The Biome, Gut-Lung Therapy

"Scientists are still working on the details—and there are lots of them—but it’s clear that every system in the body is connected to what goes on in the gut. But while much has been said of the “brain-gut axis” and what the microbiome can do for immunity, very little is said about the lungs. That effectively grants For the Biome a market all to its own. What the brand has done with that opportunity is pair fermented botanicals to produce postbiotics that are then paired with a probiotic strain that evidence shows can improve respiratory health. Founded by Paul Schulick, who also launched New Chapter, the brand is charting a bold course. That this innovation comes from a brand with For the Biome’s history and integrity adds credibility to the claims."

Rowdy Mermaid, Ashwagandha Blackberry Sparkling Adaptonic

"A mushroom-derived sparkling adaptogen tonic? Yes, it's here. Adaptonic uniquely combines flavor and function, delivering immunity-strengthening deliciousness one recyclable, bubbly can at a time. Inspired by the immunity enhancing benefits and adaptogenic power of beta-glucans, Rowdy Mermaid extracts and innovates again, delivering all of the reishi-derived immunity-promoting perks, but with none of the mushroom taste! Pure deliciousness and clean refreshment with functional benefits. In addition to the adaptogenic benefit, beta-glucans is combined with other functional ingredients like ashwagandha, matcha tea and holy basil for an amazing taste."

GoodSam, Organic and Regeneratively Farmed Dry Roasted and Salted Macadamia Nuts

"This B Corp-aspiring brand encourages support for small farmers with this delicious salty snack. By working directly with a group of 5,000 small holder Kenyan farmers who have developed a regenerative farming system, GoodSam is able to source its nuts responsibly. The company uses an advanced digital infrastructure to keep track of organic fertilizers and materials required by the farm, and even makes digital direct payments into the farmers' personal bank accounts. Macadamia nuts are the most keto-friendly nut, and this just-launched organic and regeneratively farmed option should be a favorite for those adhering to a keto diet."

Big Mountain Foods, The Original Chickpea Tofu

"Big Mountain Foods has created a tasty tofu with 14 grams of protein per serving, but with chickpeas instead of traditional soy. This innovative ingredient swap makes the product allergen friendly without sacrificing on a firm and creamy texture. Even better, the company upcycles the tofu biproduct known as Okara into a chickpea starch used as a substitute for corn starch, which makes the production of the chickpea tofu zero-waste."

Nutricare USA LLC, Strap Natural Bamboo Body Tape

"Nutricare, a B Corp, brings its newest product STRAP to market as an environmentally friendly alternative to rigid sport and body tape. Most often spotted on calves, quads, hammies, biceps and beside joints of concern, this tape style is a favorite of athletes or anyone seeking to alleviate pressure on an ailing muscle or joint. STRAP not only delivers on athletic support but also on a zero-waste promise. The biodegradable natural bamboo fiber and compostable packaging stand out in a product category fueled by plastics, PVCs and acrylics. Vegan and non-toxic, STRAP purports to be more breathable and gentler on skin than conventional counterparts. Who wouldn’t want to avoid rashes and involuntary hair removal? The benefits don’t stop there; in partnership with Trees for the Future, Nutricare also plants a tree for every new door and every online sale—over 45,000 to date."

LifeSeasons, Clinical Immunity Quick-Start

"The immune-support supplements aisle has never been more crowded. Every big-time supplements company has reformulated or developed anew an immunity supplement. What makes this one stand out from the crowd is it’s designed to kick-start one’s immunity—immune cells are activated within only two hours—and then it’s to be used for only a week or so. That’s a powerful message—don’t take this forever, just when you really, really need it. It contains a veritable kitchen sink of immune-support ingredients—PureWay-C is absorbed faster and retained longer than regular vitamin C and is mostly responsible for that quick jolt of immune cells. There’s also EpiCor, a clinically validated branded ingredient that got its start from a company whose HR department noted everyone working with it got sick way less often than those in the company who didn’t. Then the product provides classic immune support from elderberry, herbals, prebiotics, probiotics, vitamin D3 and zinc."

Otto's Naturals, Grain-Free Ultimate Cookie Mix

""Ultimate" is an appropriate word to describe this grain-free cookie mix from Otto's Naturals. Made with the company's own premium cassava flour, which it developed with a group in Brazil to ensure it will perform as well as its wheat-based counterparts, this cookie mix takes a "kitchen sink" approach to make customizable cookies with whatever each home baker has in their pantry. As a partner of the Autism Hope Alliance, Otto's Naturals provides busy parents a delicious option for families living with restrictive dietary needs and developmental disabilities. The cookie mix, which is free from the top eight allergens and certified organic, is sure to delight kids and adults alike."

Solely, Inc., Organic Mango Whole Fruit Gummies

"Open a pack of fruit gummies at a group playdate and be prepared for judging glances. Many fruit gummies are packed with added sugar and all manner of “what’s that doing in there?” ingredients. Solely comes not just free of added sugar but free of added guilt as well, with an ingredient lists that’s short enough to cut those judging glances short: mano and abscorbic acid (vitamin C); that’s it. Many will argue that real fruit is always better—and they’re mostly right—but nobody is going to argue that bringing a mango, a knife and a cutting board to that playground play date is a practical or good idea. And it’s hard to argue against Solely for taking a lot of the yuck out of fruit gummies."

Steeped Coffee, Breakwater Blend Organic French Roast

"Inspiring for its innovative environmentally responsible packaging, Steeped’s Breakwater Blend is also just plain good coffee, slow French-roasted over a sustainable oak wood fire. A B Corp certified company, Steeped has taken fair trade organic coffee and put it into bags a la tea. Steeped’s is not the first, but in this case, both bag and outer film are commercially compostable—a welcome response to the wasteful K-cup trend. And no machine required!"