2022 Winners

Expo West 2022 NEXTY Winners

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The Spare Food Co., Spare Tonic Blueberry & Ginger

If upcycling plus healthful plus refreshing equals integrity, then Spare Tonic Blueberry & Ginger beverage adds up. Spare Tonic is made with approximately 85%–95% upcycled fresh whey that would have otherwise been discarded from the production of strained yogurt. An acidic byproduct, yogurt whey is normally neutralized and discarded, otherwise it could wreak environmental havoc. Inspired by the dual vision of creating more health and less waste, Spare Tonic captures what would have been the lost value of this whey–nutritionally, economically and environmentally—and crafts it into an inspired, yummy and very refreshing beverage. 


Big Tree Farms, Classic Sriracha Marinade & Seasoning Sauce

This tasty blend of savory organic coconut aminos gets a spicy kick from sriracha is a duo of destiny, yielding a umami-ful sauce that is perfect as a marinade or on its own. A USDA Organic and Fair-Trade Certified product, it comes together through a blend of only five, clean ingredients. Also admirable is Big Tree Farms' mission as an integrated social enterprise focused on improving farmer livelihoods through fair pricing and regenerative farming practices. As the world's largest and most sustainable coconut flower supply chain, the brand works directly with over 10,000 farmer partners growing coconut palms in bio-diverse, water conserving food forests that provide long-term sustainable benefits to the local community and environment.


Sun God Medicinals, Organic Panacea Immune Support Hemp Tincture

This certified organic hemp tincture is formulated and compounded with medicinal herbs traditionally used to help the body maintain and balance a strong immune system. Ingredients include reishi, echinacea, elderflower and yarrow. This product hails from Oregon, created by a company that follows ethical and sustainable practices, believes in environmental stewardship and uses responsible packaging.


The Plant Based Seafood Co., Mind Blown Plant-Based Dusted Scallops

If you like scallops, the name on the box of this frozen Plant-Based Dusted Scallops will deliver as promised: It'll blow your mind. The all-women, family-owned company is setting standards for creating plant-based seafood using ingredients such as Konjac powder and root vegetable starch. This astonishing version of scallops has the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of scallops while it helps save our planet's oceans. The Plant Based Seafood Company, based along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, clearly knows its seafood—and is inventing plant-based products for seafood-lovers' plates. 

Four Sigmatic, Think Functional Creamer

Four Sigmatic's line of creamers aims to bring more transparency and clean ingredients to the emerging "functional creamers" category. These coconut-based powdered creamers—made with real cacao, coconut milk, MCT oil and plentiful amounts of functional mushrooms such as lion's mane, reishi and cordyceps—support improved focus, gut health and immunity. The creamers build on the brand's unique mushroom heritage and mission of bringing healthy and accessible upgrades to coffee routines everywhere. The company is so named because of a focus on the fourth "sigma," the 100 most-studied, most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. Every batch is outsourced to third-party testing labs to ensure quality.


Crafty Counter, WunderEggs

Crafty Counter's WunderEggs are an aesthetically pleasing and authentic tasting, plant-based, hard-boiled egg. Founder Hema Reddy embarked on this project after witnessing the fragility of the food system during the pandemic and the environmental challenges posed by producing animal proteins. Made with a simple ingredient list of water, cashews, almonds, coconut milk, black salt, nutritional yeast, agar and turmeric extract, these vegan eggs look and taste the part while being free of seven of the top eight allergens. The colorful, eye-catching packaging is engaging while the presentation of the eggs as halves, showing the turmeric-colored yolks invites consumers to give them a try. Made with Non-GMO ingredients, the BIPOC, women-owned company aims to be certified organic by 2023 and to have non-GMO, gluten free and vegan certifications completed in 2022.


Force of Nature Meats, Wild Boar & Beef Sausage Lonestar Blend

Force of Nature's Lonestar Blend Wild Boar & Beef Sausage Links are delicious, artisan-made with organic spices and the company's holistically raised grass-fed beef. But the main attraction, the wild boar, is notable and makes the sausage a sensation beyond its savory, satisfying flavor. Wild boar is an invasive species worldwide, and there are millions just in Texas. They're "free range," as they roam the vast Texas landscape both on public and private land, and wreak havoc on the environment, causing crop destruction, car accidents, and water pollution. Force of Nature sources these feral hogs from ranchers and hunters who trap them, protecting the state from their destruction. 


Reel Paper, Tree-Free Toilet Paper

Beyond lending itself to an endless assortment of joy-inducing bathroom puns during judging, this bamboo toilet paper is the "reel" deal, checking all the boxes of our three I's (innovation, inspiration and integrity) as it supports people, planet and potty. On a mission to flush unsustainable TP production practices including deforestation and wasteful packaging, the plastic- and tree-free brand exclusively uses bamboo for its super soft squares (yes, tested and approved!). Plus, the company contributes 50 cents for every box sold to SOIL—a nonprofit that builds safe, clean toilets in Haiti to help protect its water and sanitation systems—and tracks its transportation-related carbon emissions.

Navitas Organics, ROC Certified Cacao Powder

This proud Certified B Corp holds the distinction of the first company to offer a Regenerative Organic Certified Cacao Powder to consumers. We love how Navitas Organics recognizes and empowers farmers who use holistic and Indigenous practices that respect the entire ecosystem and surrounding communities. These practices increase biodiversity and conserve natural resources, creating an environmentally friendly food chain that helps strengthen local economies and communities that are crucial components to addressing economic and social inequality on a global level. This smooth 100% cacao powder is USDA Organic and Fairtrade, indulging not only our senses but also our food ethics.

Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen, Ube Purple Yam & Coconut Jam

Fila Manila once again represents the authentic flavors of the Philippines, brought to life in the New Jersey-based FilAm (Filipino American) community where this small-batch jam was birthed and crafted. Thick and sweet, this creamy coconut and purple yam-based spread is tasty and satisfying—and more than a little crave-worthy. The brand also wins big points for innovation and for creating a gluten-free product that is free of artificial colors, flavors and excess sugars.

Ziba Foods, Baby Pistachio Kernels

Ziba baby pistachios are a healthy munchable snack but it's the company's origin-focused mission that inspires us to seek these out. Ziba Foods Baby Pistachio Kernels are entirely sourced and processed in Afghanistan, where the company works closely with farmers and cooperatives, pays fair prices for the best product, and supports and improves the role of women in Afghan society. Ziba's workforce is 80% women, and the company offers them year-round employment despite the cyclical nature of agriculture. Bringing these delectable nuts to market requires persistent engagement and outstanding integrity. 

NAVEEN, Sachet-Free Hydrating Sheet Mask Set

Wasteful single-use face masks, begone! This hydrating sheet mask set from Evergoods Global Co. comes with a bottle of beautifying liquid to soak eco-friendly, 100% cotton sheet masks yourself—no need for unrecyclable aluminum sachets that are the standard for these kinds of products. The mask cloths are compostable, and the pour-it-yourself serum boasts additives including hyaluronic acid, organic rosewater, chamomile flower water and sea minerals.

Renewal Mill, Upcycled Vesta Matcha Chip Cookie Mix

Most people don't know how tofu is made, much less that the leftover soybean pulp can be transformed into Renewal Mill's okara flour, the base of these tasty cookies. Renewal Mill builds its entire business around upcycling, using ingredients typically discarded during production. Additionally, the company sources from a carefully curated list of suppliers—including Vesta Chocolate, a bean-to-bar craft chocolate factory, for these cookies—and uses only organic ingredients. Those practices matter to some consumers; the cookies' good taste will matter to all and it might introduce a few to the good work Renewal Mill is doing.

Miyoko's Creamery, Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella

Everyone's favorite food just got a plant overhaul with this mouthwatering mozzarella that has all the browning bubbly gooey deliciousness of traditional mozzarella. No stranger to vegan innovation, Miyoko's crafted this latest product with cultured cashew milk and without common fillers like lectin, gluten, dairy, soy, peas and fillers. That's amore!

Pulp Pantry, Jalapeño Lime Pulp Chips

Mission is at the forefront for Pulp Pantry, a company that is turning the critical food industry problem of food waste into an opportunity to upcycle organic ingredients into desirable, fiber-rich food products. The Jalapeño Lime Pulp Chips are tangy as all get out—they're sweetened with the lesser-known superfood lucuma rather than sugar—and judges were super impressed by its vegetable-rich ingredient list. This product contains more fiber than kale chips and fewer carbs than potato or tortilla chips. Pulp Pantry also hopes to work with accreditation agencies to create carbon offsets associated with upcycling food. 

Big Mountain Foods, Lion's Mane Mushroom Crumble

Judges fell head over heels for this ground meat alternative's ultra-simple ingredient list, which mainly consists of lion's mane, portobello and shiitake mushrooms. It is the first WHOLE30 Certified plant-based product and blows many other meat alternatives out of the water in avoiding common allergens. Fun fact: The crumble also has an upcycled wine byproduct in it to improve color, extend shelf life and reduce sodium.

True Grace, One Daily Women's Probiotic

This is no ordinary probiotic product. It contains a super-high 90 billion CFUs per serving, plus the label indicates the precise percentages of each of the 12 DNA-verified specific probiotic strains at work. The strains, which also contain a prebiotic fiber lunch box for the friendly bacteria, help women with vaginal, digestive and immune health. True Grace partners with Rodale Institute to advance regenerative organic agricultural practices.

TCHO Chocolate, Toffee Time

TCHO Chocolate Toffee Time is so creamy, rich and flavorful that it's easy to not notice that this milk chocolate is made from plant-based oat milk mixed with bits of vegan toffee and flakes of sea salt. While vegans will delight in this dairy-free, plant-based offering, chocolate enthusiasts will be hard pressed to find fault. The recently Certified B-Corporation extends its "do-better" ethos to its environmentally friendly packaging: a fully recyclable carton on the outside; and an inner chocolate wrapper made of individual layers of 100% post-consumer wastepaper and certified compostable film. The USDA Certified Organic company focuses on transparency in its supply chain, using Fair Trade ingredients and providing a QR code so consumers can track sourcing for the cacao in each bar.

Pop Art Snacks, Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn with Sparkles

If there's something that consumers need more of in 2022, it's joy—and this kettle corn product knocks that goal out of the park! Featuring all-natural sparkles (AKA sugar crystals colored with fruits and vegetables), it's pretty much impossible to feel sad digging into the brightly colored bag. The popcorn itself may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but that hardly matters if it can temporarily lift consumers out of the prolonged COVID-19 mental slump they've been in for the past two years. We're obsessed! 

1908 Brands-Boulder Clean, B-Clean Surface Cleaning Refill Starter Kit

What the world needs now is a plastic-free revolution and B-CLEAN could be a catalyst. Pairing its clean formulations (free from phosphates, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, chlorine bleach or dyes) with a smart, deconstructed packaging system, the B Corp brand from Boulder Clean eliminates single-use plastics. Simply fill reusable glass bottles with coin-sized tablets that activate with tap water. Consumers will love having a clean house and a clean conscience, knowing nothing went to the landfill.

The Republic of Tea, Chai Stackable Tea Tin

This Certified Elephant Friendly stackable chai tea trio helps keep consumers feeling good inside and out. This delicious trio includes Mushroom Cacao Chai, Bold Green Chai and Bold Black Chai blends. The tea leaves are harvested from a Certified Elephant Friendly tea garden committed to the protection of Asian elephants and their habitats. The tea growers allow elephants to travel through their tea gardens without getting harmed by electric fences, power lines, ditches or human conflict. The Republic of Tea remains socially responsible by being mindful of the impact actions has on communities and the environment.

Gooder Foods, Goodles Cheddy Mac

Goodles Cheddy Mac is the "gooder" version of an all-American classic. It may taste like the delicious mac and cheese of your childhood, but Goodles has packed a big punch of nutrition into each serving with 15 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber plus prebiotics, and 21 nutrients extracted from organic veggies like broccoli, chickpeas, kale, sweet potato, mushrooms and more. The cheese is sourced from a dairy partner in the Midwest and boosted with enzymes. The company also does Goodle in the community, donating a percentage of products to address food insecurity, working with World Central Kitchen. And the Clean Label Project tested and announced that Goodles mac & cheese meets their highest standard—the first boxed mac and cheese ever to receive Clean Label Purity Award certification.

Expo East 2022 NEXTY Winners

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Sunboy, Passion Fruit Spiked Coconut Water

“A better for you that is actually better for you,” and Sunboy isn’t lying. Each 4-pack of these easy drinkers contains one and a half coconuts, three passion fruits, three and a half limes, and 0 grams of added sugar. Add the fact that they’re gluten-free and have 80% less calories than a traditional cocktail, and you have a Friday night winner. While sourcing the cleanest and most ethical coconut water the brand is also committed to important social initiatives, such as Second Chance Studios’ efforts to economically empower people who were formerly incarcerated. Sunboy also supports redevelopment efforts at a war widow-staffed coconut farm in Northern Sri Lanka, after it was decimated by the country’s decades-long Civil War.

Fila Manila Filipino American Kitchen, Banana Ketchup

This smooth and flavorful condiment is a take on a traditional Filipino, tomato-less condiment that sprang from a wartime shortage of tomatoes—and an abundance of bananas. The rich scarlet color comes from plant-based sources such as beetroot and annatto. This innovative condiment is gluten-free, vegan and has no added sugar. Fila Manila partners with AAPI nonprofits to provide thousands of meals to front-line medical workers, medically neglected populations and BIPOC families in underserved communities that were heavily impacted by the pandemic.

Better Being Company, Solaray SharpMind Mood

Mood is the health concern of the year for supplements. Some of that marketing is rebranding old ingredients under the new “mood” rubric. St. John’s wort comes to mind—20 years ago it was validated to work for mild to moderate depression. But who wants to describe today’s pandemic-era ennui as depression? Mood sounds more approachable, a conversation-starter in polite company. There’s no hypericum here, but there is sceletium—a South African plant found in studies to make happy people … happier. Think of holy basil as walking meditation in a bottle. Fermented mushrooms also provide balance.

Kvarøy Arctic, Original Salmon Hot Dogs

The world has a food waste problem, but Kvarøy is here to help. Made of the unused salmon trimmings and cut-offs in Strada, Norway, Kvarøy offers a unique approach to reducing food waste with these quick and easy Salmon Hot Dogs. Like regular hot dogs, they can be heated in a pan or on the grill, and they offer a smooth, buttery taste—all while delivering the recommended daily allowance of omega-3s in just one serving.

Numi Organic Tea, Stay Healthy De-Stress Tea

This tea forms part of Numi’s line of USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified functional teas, created to help consumers deal with the challenges of modern life. This herbal supplement is made with a blend of herbs, roots, spices and flowers, including kanna, passionflower and lemon balm. This Climate Neutral, Certified B-Corp has recently added to all of its tea boxes a new Carbon Footprint Label that provides a breakdown of the product's emissions in four categories (ingredients, packaging, transport and preparation), giving consumers an insight into the carbon impact of each tea.

Spero Foods, Smoked 'Salmon' Sunflower Cream Cheese

It’s mind-boggling how closely Spero’s Cream Cheese resembles real smoked salmon cream cheese—given that it’s made from seeds! The company uses cutting-edge patented technology focused on low-cost, sustainable and scalable ingredients such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds—which require much less water than almonds—meaning consumers can eat this plant-based cheese spread knowing they’re having a reduced impact on the environment.

Pasturebird, Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts

Innovation isn’t always found in the final product—it can often, and very importantly, be found in the supply chain. Pasturebird has done just that, by applying modern day technology to its farm. Its Automated Range Coop (ARC), a solar-powered, floorless structure, moves 6,000 chickens to fresh pasture each day, offering evenly-distributed feeding and encouraging revitalization of the land. 

Nantucket Spider, Nantucket Footprint Window Cleaning Set

It’s 2022 and no one is shy to the fact that single-use plastics are a serious environmental problem. Home cleaning products are a huge culprit, and Nantucket Spider is here to change that. Its comprehensive glass-bottle cleaning set uses dissolvable strips, which means the product is fresh—eliminating the need for toxic chemicals or preservatives. Not only going above and beyond the necessary ingredient safety guidelines, the product’s packaging is compostable and child-safe, too.

Simpli, Regenerative Organic Certified Tri-Color Quinoa

Simpli keeps things far from simple, as the brand goes above and beyond to produce the most sustainably grown and ethical quinoa possible. As a vertically integrated company, it sources its Regenerative Organic Certified quinoa from Peru’s Andes region, supporting local farmers with tools, resources and financial security as part of the brand’s vision to transform the flawed food system into one that’s good for you, for the planet, and for producers. 

Otto's Naturals, Grain-Free Baking Powder

A pantry staple that can easily be overlooked, baking powder is typically made with conventional cornstarch. Enter Otto’s Naturals with a solution for those in search of a cleaner, grain-free and allergy-friendly alternative. Free from the top nine allergens, this cassava-based baking powder even has an approachable price point at $5.99.

Clean Cause, Orange Ginger Sparkling Yerba Mate

Getting caffeinated and staying healthy just got a lot easier with Clean Cause’s new Orange Ginger flavor of its Sparkling Yerba Mate beverage. USDA Certified Organic and with zero sugar, people now have a delicious, flavorful way to spike their day. Clean Cause goes one step further though, donating a whopping 50% of the brand’s net profits toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  

Nimbus, Nimby Expanding Towels

There is more than meets the eye with these compressed towels that can be used up to five times before consumers can compost them in the backyard. Made from plants and free from chemicals, the Nimby substrate is plastic-free; a proprietary folding process compresses the towels. Made of FSC-certified eucalyptus, the towels are biodegradable, compostable and hypoallergenic, making them a more sustainable alternative to disposable wipes wrapped in plastic. Nimbus has created a sustainable hygiene product in environmentally responsible packaging (a small cardboard tube) and a shortened supply chain to reduce scope 3 emissions. The Nimby is FSC Certified, BPI certified compostable, OEKO-Standard 100 certified, Testex certified, and ASTM certified.

Neutral Foods, Carbon Neutral Organic Whole Milk

Neutral Milk is on a mission to drastically reduce carbon emissions from our agricultural system. How do they do this? By offering USDA Certified Organic whole milk from family-owned, pasture-raised farms and investing $1 million in their partner farms and ranches across the United States to reduce their impact. Plus, through its Carbon Neutral Certification, the brand ensures that its carbon offset purchases truly make them Neutral. 

Atlantic Sea Farms, Basil Pesto Sea-Veggie Burgers

Made with kelp, green chickpeas and brown rice—and flavored with ever-popular basil pesto—these Sea-Veggie Burgers launched in July. The women-owned company is pioneering kelp products through its vertically integrated supply chain to support its mission of mitigating climate change. Farmed in the Gulf of Maine, the kelp used by Atlantic Sea Farms is the first clean, sustainable and domestic kelp taken to scale in the United States.

Fillo's, Bean Salsa Verde Walking Tamales

Fillo’s Walking Tamales feature a take on a classic Latin American staple in the form of a shelf-stable, ready-to-eat corn bar, perfect for consuming on the go. While combining tradition and convenience, this innovative snack boasts 6 grams of protein per bar and can be heated up and ready to eat in just 25 seconds. These clean-label tamales are also easy to store, with a two-year shelf life, and are Non-GMO Project Verified. In addition, the Walking Tamales have a lower carbon footprint and volume shipping weights than canned bean products, so consumers can feel good about supporting a product seeking to reduce environmental impacts.

Fody Food Co., Salsa Verde

This Certified B Corporation is kicking digestive issues to the curb with this delicious salsa verde (featuring new branding!) that is free of onion and garlic. A common yet underrepresented allergy in the CPG space, alliums can trigger issues for a wide range of people, including those with IBS. Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan, Non GMO Project Verified, keto-friendly and low-FODMAP, Fody Food’s clean ingredient list offers a salsa for the masses. 

Xyngular, Complete Probiotic

With 20 billion CFUs and 11 unique strains of gut-healthy bacteria, this vegan-friendly supplement supports digestion, mood and weight management while helping to reduce bloating and cravings. Prebiotic fibers are included to feed the probiotic bacteria. Every lot is tested at four different third-party facilities for purity, potency, strength, heavy metals, microorganisms and more.

Revolution Gelato, Plant-Based Pumpkin Gelato Pie

This fantastically delicious, plant-based pumpkin gelato pie is pioneering innovation with a vegan, graham-cracker crust paired with a delightfully creamy, plant-based gelato. YUM. This dessert is the quintessential full-size pumpkin pie for gracing the holiday dinner table. What’s more, consumers will remain untroubled by dairy sensitivities and can enjoy this pie with its simple, clean non-GMO ingredients.

Joolies, Jooliettes Blood Orange Dark Chocolate Date Nibbles

This family-owned California Medjool-date company has launched a new line of chocolate-covered, diced dates made from upcycled “imperfect” looking dates. This treat serves as a modern take on the classic chocolate-covered raisins. This blood-orange-flavored variety mingles dark chocolate with the brand’s own USDA Organic dates—grown on more than 1,000 acres of sustainable farmland—and packages its products in fully recyclable paperboard made from recycled paper products that use less than 2 grams of plastic per package.

Expo East 2022 NEXTY Editor's Choice Winners

Growee Foods, Curry Zachini Spread

Instead of considering dips and spreads as indulgent snack foods with no nutritious value, Growee Foods wants consumers to see spreads as an opportunity to enjoy natural, whole ingredients. This south Asian-inspired curry zucchini spread is made from fresh vegetables, seeds and spices, perfect for dipping or with a salad. Growee Foods, which sources ingredients local to the manufacturing facility’s location, works directly with local suppliers to maintain sustainable and transparent supply chains—and it’s on track to use only organic ingredients within the coming year.

Clover Sonoma, Golden Moon Milk

As the first dairy in the U.S. to become American Humane Certified, Clover Sonoma is no stranger to doing things right. As a Certified B Corporation and member of the OSC2 J.E.D.I Collaborative, Clover Sonoma uses business as a force for good, while delivering exceptional dairy products. A smooth, nourishing Golden Milk with soothing botanicals, this delightful USDA Certified Organic beverage can be enjoyed both hot and cold. It also represents a big step in innovation in the real dairy milk aisle.